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Corporate social responsibility

Duty and durability at the heart of customer excellence

Workplaces can make concrete contributions to address the most important environmental and societal challenges.

Excelling also means making sure that everything we do in order to please our customers is done in the most sustainable manner possible:

  • Delivering sustainable office products,
  • Making sure this happens in an ethical and compliant way in all countries where our partners operate,
  • Limiting packaging to the absolute minimum,
  • Creating an environmentally friendly process from order to delivery to product end of life,
  • Ensuring our staff excels wherever we are active,
  • Promoting schooling in developing countries.
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Our results

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Reduction in CO2 emissions since 2010

Our teams share a common goal: to act responsibly to substantially limit Lyreco's impact on the environment throughout the value chain, from our suppliers to our clients.



green products sales in 2019

Lyreco’s Green Tree label helps our clients in finding green options to minimize their environmental impact in the workplace.

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Lyreco underwrites the UN Global Compact & UN SDG's Sustainable Development Goals

In 2004, Lyreco became the office supply industry’s 1st company to support the UN Global Compact (UNGC), a clear demonstration of our long-term dedication to sustainable development. Supporting this worldwide initiative implies that we annually communicate our progress in the implementation of the UNGC Ten Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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At Lyreco, we are truly convinced that the circular economy is the way to follow in achieving responsible growth.  Our commitment to convert our company into the circular economy by 2025, is a clear step towards further reconciling our performance targets with our sustainability commitments.

Gregory Lienard

CEO of Lyreco Group


Lyreco Sustainable Selection

Duurzame trends en vereisten zijn de laatste jaren snel geëvolueerd, van alle aspecten van het product zelf tot de verpakking en de impact op het einde van de levensduur. 

In 2023 lanceerden we de eerste versie van "Sustainable Selection by Lyreco", onze nieuwe progressieve beoordelingsmethodologie voor leveranciers en producten. Ons doel is om onze klanten beter van dienst te zijn bij het selecteren van producten die bijdragen aan de bescherming van de planeet en haar bewoners. 


Corporate social responsibility report

"In line with our company vision, sustainability is a fundamental part of the “Great Working Day” that we strive to deliver to all customers and employees."

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