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Enabling greener work environments

A very own assessment method and durable solutions

Our clients aim to provide their workers with a workplace that really contributes to nature and people. 

To enforce them in applying durable buying practices for their workplace items, we commit ourself to: 

  1. Develop recognizable ecological alternatives that are easily spotted.
  2. Use low-emission deliveries and grouping of orders.
  3. Increase the gathering of used products and stimulate recycling and reuse.
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The Lyreco Green Tree

Buying ecologically friendly items naturally requires the availability of clear information. In our catalogue and webshop, customers can easily find the green products through the green tree that indicates that our assessment methods apply to these items. 

By applying our own assessment methods, we stay on top of the entire manufacturing chain, granting our clients with aal the info they may need to identify a product as ecological. 

A unique Green office product assessment

Our “Green Products Assessment“ methodology relies on recognised and international standard: ISO 14020 which is at the highest level of the ISO Environment Claims standards.

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More on
our Green Tree assessment methods

This methods apply to every product and are an addition to our general quality assessment procedure.

Our green tree certification methodology is based on internationally recognized standards:

  • It is based on the ISO 14020 rules, an extremely strict international standard.
  • The same system is used for all products in all our departments. This leads to a very consistent identification of green products across all countries.
  • This auditing method has been approved by SGS (a global audit company). They recognize this approach as "the very best for checking green claims"

Three parties collaborate to check this decision system:

  • Lyreco Marketing teams verify the self claims according to the needed data to achieve ISO 14021 standards.
  • Suppliers provide additional verification by filling in the ‘Green Assessment file’ with self-claims, certified claims, additional criteria and evidences.
  • Lyreco QSS teams verify the claims, communicating with suppliers to overcome possible disputes and scoring rate publication.

In 2019, 42,6 percent of the office supplies we sold consisted of Green Tree products.