a great working day. delivered.

A great working day. Delivered.

Who we are

The Lyreco group is the leader in Europe and the world’s third largest distributor of workplace products and services.

Lyreco, which has been a privately owned company since 1926, has continuously adapted to the evolving workplace by constantly focusing on superior quality in customer experience, solid relations with only the best suppliers, and efficient logistics.

Being directly active in 25 countries in both Europe and Asia, the group also relies on a network of distribution partners to represent them in 17 other markets on 4 continents.

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Leading example in providing durably what any workplace requires, thus enabling its people to set  their priorities straight.

A mission that is embodied by Lyreco’s 10,000 employees

What every workplace needs

As an expert in the work environment, Lyreco’s excellence comprises all workplace needs: office supplies, IT equipment, printing solutions, furniture, coffee, catering, personal protective equipment and hygiene.


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Enabling people to focus on what matters most

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Lyreco at a glance

42 countries



Lyreco is directly active in 25 countries in both Europe and Asia through 15 local affiliates and a safety expertise centre. We rely on a network of strategic distribution partners to represent us in 17 other markets on 4 continents. 

10000 employees



At the core of the operational expertise we provide daily to our customers we find the Lyreco People.

Our Circular Economy Pledge 

Climate change and its profound consequences make it clearer than ever that the Environment deserves our utmost respect. It is our firm belief at Lyreco that the circular economy is the best pathway to follow when it comes to both tackling the climate emergency and growing responsibly.

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Lyreco For Education

10,000 Lyreco employees committed to raising funds for children's education

At Lyreco we have made it part of our company culture to encourage all of our employees to make time for charity operations. Therefore we have developed the Lyreco for Schooling program which enables our employees to start fund raising actions with the goal of providing children living in poor conditions better access to education.


Fostering sustainable workplaces

Our clients aim to provide their employees with a working environment that brings a tangible contribution to People and the Environment. 

Delivering excellence is about ensuring that every steps we make to satisfy our customers are achieved in the most sustainable way. 

As a member of the UN Global Compact since 2004, the Lyreco group edits its annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Discover our latest actions in this year's report.

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