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Tail Spend Management

Simplifying sourcing and optimizing costs

In big companies indirect expenses usually account for not more than 20% of business spending. Nevertheless they can amount up to 80% of the supply chain. Moreover, because these spendings are often fragmented and lower value deals, not only making it hard to track expenditure, but also to assign resources to the management of these costs.

This is why successful tail spend management of your office and work environment products is vital in optimizing your expenditure and ensuring that every penny counts. This can only be done by controlling costs and increasing profits. Here Lyreco can support you by lowering your hard and soft costs.

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Does this ring a bell?

80% of your suppliers account for not more than 20% of your expenditure:

  • Suppliers that do not comply
  • Maximum workload capacity
  • A lot of suppliers with little spending
  • Absent detailed spending transparency
  • Fragmented vision on low value spend

Allow Lyreco to help you with your tail spend management through a completely free of charge & non-obligation audit service, with no hidden charges.


The benefits of managing tail-end spend

visibility of your spending


By effectively managing the tail-end spend

By receiving 1 report in 1 format rather than having to handle information from many different sources, you will be able to control your spending transparency. This way you can enhance your supplier data and bring your tail spend in line with your goals.

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Cost reduction

To increase your purchasing power

With better contract compliance, bulk purchasing, and fewer one-time purchases, you achieve a consistent expenditure that gives you the best deal for your tail-end spend.

easy control on contract performance

1 supplier

To facilitate managing contract performance

Reducing your supply chain makes it easier for you to deal with and control contract performance.

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A simple guideline

By helping you to raise the end-user’s buy-in, compliance will grow. This is due to users then gaining access to an extensive product rangeoffered in line with prices on the online market.



We have organized and improved our service offering with the necessary tools and resources in a way that makes things better. No matter the country or the technology, our committed Lyreco staff lets you focus on what you do best while we take care of the rest.

  1. Complete varieties of products available online
  2. 100% real time stock availability

Whether it’s an e-catalog or an e-invoice, Lyreco allows you to combine them with all purchase applications, such as Ariba, Commerce, One platforms, Oracle, SAP’s EBP/SRM and others.  Our only IT platform enables international and regional implementation, making it easy to expand your e-purchasing initiatives.  Regardless of document type and protocol (xCBL, EDI, etc.), it’s always easy and safe to connect to Lyreco.


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