Leading the way since 1926

to provide durably what any workplace requires

Since it was founded in 1926, Lyreco has been constantly adapting to the evolving workplace through excellent services, customization, expertise and global presence has been at the heart Lyreco’s development and biggest successes. 

4 generations after creating a bookstore in Valenciennes, France in 1926, Lyreco guides its customers on 4 continents and keeps on striving for excellence as the main driver behind every development.


From a bookstore to a BtoB office products distributor

What began with the opening of a book store in Valenciennes, France, has led to an internationally leading dealer of products and solutions, flexibility and innovation that has always been driven by Lyreco's ambition to provide  with excellence what every workplace requires. International player and local market specialist,  we act precisely where are clients are.

In 1926, Georges-Gaston Gaspard founds a bookstore called "Gaspard" in Valenciennes, France.  

Soon thereafter, the company is already developing its own printing service and producing its very own range of paper products. From 1936, Gaspard starts delivering its customers directly from its first distribution centre.

After World War II, Gaspard is one of the first to become a B2B distributor of products and services for the office.

Eerste catalogus

From the first catalogue to a 360° customer experience

With Etienne Gaspard, son of Georges-Gaston and then his son Georges Gaspard, any new solution is driven by the ambition to excel:

  • from the 1st Catalogue that saw the light of day in 1959 to the creation of a full customer experience that connects human closeness, e-shopping and e-purchasing

  • from supplies for the office to expertise on hygiene, comfort design or personal protective equipment

  • from 24h delivery to delivery at home for your Home Office

Global expansion

Since 1989, expanding globally

Georges Gaspard, Etienne Gaspard's son, was the one to begin expanding globally and to develop specific solutions and customization. In 2001 Gaspard is renamed Lyreco. 

With Vermeire in Belgium in 1989 Lyreco manages to acquire its first company abroad. Hereby Lyreco made a start with its international expansion in Europe and Asia. 30 years later, Lyreco is Europe’s number one and the world’s third largest supplier of workplace products and services, with  a European  safety expertise unit and 15 branches operating in 25 countries.

Today, having acquired Intersafe in 2019, Singaporean Deskright and Spanish Office Depot Contract Business Unit, Lyreco continues to develop its global presence and expertise.

Lyreco products

and developing services and expertise

As of 2010, Lyreco began to expand its offering to include specialized products and solutions.

From then on Lyreco develops integrated services such as product customization, printing services, collections of used items and sustainable alternatives. 

In 2009, the company’s private label switches from IMPEGA to Lyreco and is used for all office categories.

The PPE range launches in 2013, specialization in Hygiene & Cleaning follows in 2015. The Coffee Solutions specialisation is developed from 2019, through an exclusive partnership with Catunambú.

In 2016, Lyreco started an Innovation Direction committed to developing breakthrough solutions, such as "Frictionless" supplies and Circular Economy.

Respect voor de planeet

Respecting Mother Earth is in our DNA

One of our core principles is respecting Mother Earth and its inhabitants. Lyreco has long been taking concrete measures to underline how committed we are to this goal.

Joining the United Nations Global Compact as early as 2004 was an important step to keep improving in this area. Another step was promoting Corporate Responsibility as a keystone in its policy with the Eco-Future strategy. 

In this context, important actions have been launched, such as the audits of Lyreco product manufacturers, the Lyreco Green Tree label, the CO2 emission reduction programme for all activities or Lyreco University for our employees.

Since 2019, we have implemented a new strategy that even strengthens our commitments: ethics and sustainability in the supply chaingovernance and risk management and contribution to the community are now dedicated pillars beside environment, economics and people. 

In 2020, Lyreco commits to transform its products and services to circular economy.

lfe nicolas axelrod

as are Appreciation and Caring for People

We have also made it part of our company culture to provide children living in poor conditions better access to schooling.

In 2008, we launched our Charity program as a reinforcement for our action, Lyreco for Education.

Bangladesh, Brazil, Madagascar, Togo, Vietnam and more recently Cambodia are the 6 countries that thank the support of over 115,000 children to the commitment of all Lyreco employees.

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