At Lyreco we are sure to suit your ambitions. Whether you are made for sales and marketing or have an interest in logistics and transport. Offering you endless possibilities, we make sure you’ll want to stay with us!

"Job shopping is allowed, as long as you stay with us."



Where figures and feelings meet

In an ever “e-volving” world, dominated by algorithms, social media and communities, we help our customers stay up-to-date by knowing what they need and when they need it, even if they don’t yet realize they do. We make sure to deserve your attention because it’s so precious. In our ‘like laboratory’ you get the opportunity to to tell us how by showing your own creative talent.



Sell online, enchant offline.

Increasing automation allows us to focus on what really matters: inspiring our customers. Our sales team tries to make a difference every day with genuine, reliable customer contacts, enabling you to take control of your own career.

sales support

Sales Support

Strong customer relations are made by you.

You support your sales colleagues all the way in their ambition to please our customers. With your eye for administrative details and your IT skills, you're helping your sales colleagues to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Customer service

Customer service

Keeping people satisfied is what you do

As a professional good luck charm, you spread happy Lyreco thoughts among our customers. You welcome feedback as you see it as an opportunity to develop as an organization and personally.

distributie & transport

Logistics and transport

What makes Lyreco’s world go round

Making sure that all orders are delivered within a day of ordering is you and your colleagues’ number one priority. You like handing over an order to a satisfied customer with a genuine smile.



Good with numbers, even better with people

For an ambitious family business like Lyreco, seizing all growth opportunities altogether while making stable financial choices is crucial. But there’s more when it’s come to finance than just numbers. Your work can personally impact others, be it in dealing with late payers or cutting costs.


Human Resources

The best selecting the finest

We foster our people. A sustainable personnel policy and helping our employees grow are central to you. Your social and administrative talents come in handy here.

Let us take part in your journey!