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Since the acquisition of several local companies - Kando (NL), and Ageropa Vermeire (B) - in 1989 Lyreco is present in the Benelux. With the acquisition of Ahrend in 2005, we even became market leader.

Lyreco can now be found in 4 branches spread across the Benelux: the administrative headquarters in Berchem (Belgium), the customer service in Utrecht (the Netherlands), the branch in Luxembourg and the Benelux distribution center with BeLux customer service in Vottem (Belgium).

With more than 700 employees, we are there for you every day and you are assured of the best service. Personal contact, service and customization are the keywords in our approach. This way we are always close by and can respond perfectly to your (market) specific needs.

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Take a look in our office in Utrecht

In the Lyreco Customer Experience Center, or more easily our office in Utrecht, you will find all the solutions we offer.

Take a virtual tour and discover the office furnishings, the Covid-19 range, the Lyreco Print Solutions, our coffee and tea solutions and so much more.

Immerse yourself completely in the Lyreco Experience!


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Local distribution centers

Our products are distributed from the central Benelux warehouse, located in Liège (Belgium). From there, all orders are taken to 1 of our 4 regional Dutch transhipment centers and delivered to your workplace the next working day.

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