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Ethics and Compliance

in all our practices

Our values make us a trusted partner

Since its creation in 1926, Lyreco has been driven by the values of ExcellenceRespectPassion and Agility. They are embodied and driven by all our employees and shared with all our business partner.

At Lyreco, we uphold these values on a daily basis by promoting an ethics and compliance policy into all our practices. Our Code of Ethics reflects this long-term conviction: a great working day can only be deliveredif our practices reflect our commitment to integrity. That's what guarantees the trust of our customers, as well as of our employees and partners.

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We are proud of our values. They are shared and promoted by all employees. They are our strength and make us a trusted partner.

Respecting these values is a duty. This is how we'll ensure ensure every day “A Great Working Day” for everyone.

Grégory Liénard



Our Code of Ethics is an expression of who we are and how we do business at Lyreco. It applies in all our activities, wherever we operate, at any time.

It relies on 4 guiding principles : our people, our business integrity, product excellence and societal commitment.

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Our people

At Lyreco, we strive to promote an ethical People & Culture policy, providing a healthy and safe environment and fostering Respect as a key value among all our practices.


Business integrity

We put customer excellence at the heart of Lyreco's performance, with zero tolerance on any form of corruption, fraud, conflict of interest or influence peddling.

Our employees as well as our business partners are asked to follow a strict policy on gifts and invitations.


Our suppliers code of ethics states the requirements our suppliers must comply with in terms of ethics and professional behaviour when working with Lyreco.

We expect our partners to :

  • Respect the same ethical requirements and conduct their activities in accordance with this Supplier Code of Ethics
  • Implement the policies and procedures necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations
  • Ensure that these commitments are followed up with all their partners
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Products and assets

At Lyreco, we ensure that all the products we deliver to our customers meet the highest standards in terms of qualitysafety and environment.

We work exclusively with business partners sharing the same ambitions for product excellence.

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Our societal commitment

Protecting our environment and our natural resources and fighting against climate change are longstanding commitments within Lyreco’s values.

We strive to concretely act by adopting a CSR approach, by raising our colleagues and business partners' awareness on more responsible practices, offering our customers products and solutions that are always more sustainable and by continuously improving our operational processes.

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Our common purpose is to prevent and detect any ethical breach so that Lyreco may take the appropriate measures, remedy the situation and ensure that the behaviors and actions of Lyreco are fully consistent with our values.

Our Raise your concern tool is available for all Lyreco employees and external partners. We encourage you to discuss, ask for advice, raise questions, share your concerns and report any actual or potential ethical breach.

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Raising awareness

Ensuring strict adherence to ethical business practices in all Lyreco activities, by all employees and with all our business partners is an ongoing concern.

In 2020, Lyreco has therefore strengthened its ethics and compliance management and communication process, through an extended Ethics and Compliance Committee, the nomination of a Group Compliance officer and dedicated Ethics Referents in all Lyreco subsidiaries, a reinforced Code of Ethics and Business conduct and the improvement of the “Raise your concern” system.

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Compliance binnen de toeleveringsketen 

Lyreco voldoet aan de meest recente Ethische wettelijke vereisten, d.w.z. 

  • French Duty of Care 
  • Norwegian Transparency Act 
  • Germany Supply Chain Act 

Fabrieken die producten van eigen merk produceren, moeten jaarlijks worden gecontroleerd op sociale en milieuaspecten. In overeenstemming met wereldwijde normen voldoen we aan

  • BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) 
  • SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) 
  • ISO 14001 (Environment Management System) 

Voldoen aan ISO-normen 

Alle Lyreco-landen zijn gecertificeerd: 

  • ISO 9001: Kwaliteitsbeheer 
  • ISO 14001: Milieubeheer 

Aanvullende ISO-certificeringen zijn van toepassing, afhankelijk van het land: 

  • ISO 45001: Gezondheids- en veiligheidsmanagement
  • ISO 50001: Energiebeheer 
  • ISO 27001: IT-beveiligingsbeheer

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