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Keep on making a difference!

Lyreco confides in co-operating towards a brighter future.

Therefore, we permanently strive to implement new things and adapt to any change, enabling our staff, our clients and any business to evolve. We treasure a culture that really appreciates the people that work for us.

It is how we inspire them to perform at their very best. It’s also how we safeguard our core values of excellence, passion, agility and respect. Diversity, technology and social responsibility are key components of a strategy that ensures splendid working experiences for both our employees and our customers

Our core principles



We always aim for perfection



We truly care for our clients



We swear by trustworthiness, respectful behaviour and ethical conduct



We are proactive, we renew and ready to adjust


Keeping client satisfaction at the highest level by ensuring splendid workers experiences

We aim to provide our workers with the most rewarding work satisfaction, respecting their core principles and supporting their wellbeing and career expectations.

Everything we do is about people.We take pride in offering our staff the very best career paths. This is achieved by personal training programs and limitless support. Our clients are at the very core of our successes, they deserve the best service they can get.

Every division co-operates with others, ensuring a truly excellent service all the time. It’s how we create loyalty and commitment amidst our clients.

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Enter an international working environment

Lyreco is the largest distributor of workplace items and services in Europe and number three in the world. With 15 offices in 25 countries and a European security section, we provide a great opportunity for you to build your international career!

Moreover, being a multinational, we welcome the opportunity to take part in charity actions at both global and local levels. This was proven once more during the recent health crisis, where every Lyreco group employee was mobilized to help and provide support where needed.

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in an innovational work environment

In 2016, we founded the Innovation Direction, speeding up the growth of promising projects like “frictionless” replenishment or Circular Economy.

Both our employees and customers expect nothing less from us than constant innovation ever since.

A great illustration was recently displayed by the Paris hackaton, where attendees from all around Europe worked together to provide futureproof, frictionless supply solutions. The result of this co-operation is now available on the market!

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