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How a Staffino satisfaction survey confirmed Lyreco’s customer satisfaction

Lyreco Central Europe, in partnership with Staffino conducted a comprehensive survey to gather feedback from existing customers. Lyreco’s customers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic answered a questionnaire to assess their interactions and experiences with Lyreco couriers. The questionnaire results revealed an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction, along with recommendations and tips for improvement. 

In this article, we explore the survey results and what impact Lyreco couriers have on the positive customer experience. 

Lyreco, a leading distributor of office supplies and workplace solutions, is committed to going above and beyond customer expectations not only in terms of quality products and services, dependability and professionalism, but also by providing a worry-free delivery service. 

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Why did we run a survey? 

Even though Lyreco prides itself on high customer satisfaction with its delivery of goods, we wanted to:  

  • Gauge customer satisfaction and better understand how customers felt when interacting with our drivers. 
  • Minimise the need for customers to contact the customer service department about their shipments. 
  • Improve the quality of services provided by Lyreco drivers based on customer feedback. 

What results did the survey yield? 


In partnership with Staffino Experience Management Platform, a customer experience management platform, Lyreco spearheaded a survey designed to gather feedback from existing customers. 

Jan Gebauer from Staffino

Lyreco Slovakia achieved a high click-through rate for its email assessment requests, with an open rate of 22.02% and a conversion rate of 17.09%. With conversion rates typically between 6% and 12%, that underscores Lyreco’s success in this area. This can be attributed largely to the outstanding approach taken by employees, who motivate customers to express their gratitude and share their experiences.

Ján Gabauer
XM Senior Lead Auditor & Consultant, Staffino
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Question 1: What has your experience of delivery been like?

Customer satisfaction, at more than 96%, is well above average in both countries. In Slovakia, 96.99% of customers are satisfied with Lyreco’s delivery services, a figure that rises to 97.34% in the Czech Republic.  

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Question 2: Have you tried to obtain information about your shipment during the delivery process?

More than 90% of customers said they do not need to contact customer service about their deliveries. If a shipment is delayed, Lyreco itself gets in touch with the customer. 

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Question 3: What do you consider to be an acceptable delivery time?

The survey shows that almost 60% of customers in the Czech Republic and more than 67% of customers in Slovakia require next-day delivery. Nearly 30% of our customers are also willing to wait longer for a shipment, allowing us to better optimise our couriers’ delivery routes and thus reduce our carbon footprint. 

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Question 4: How satisfied were you with the driver’s attitude?

Almost 99% of customers said they were satisfied with the attitude of the drivers and the quality of service provided.  

The biggest determinant of a driver’s rating is their attitude – drivers are rated more positively if they are helpful, for example with heavier deliveries. 

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Question 5: Did the driver provide the service of unloading the goods to the table?

Lyreco’s standard service includes next-day delivery and drop-off at the customer’s desk or at the place where the customer needs the items to be.  

84% of customers confirmed to us that the courier drops off the products exactly where they are needed, while 15% do not use this service because it is not necessary.  

Less than 1% of customers experienced an unhelpful attitude, or they were unaware of this service. 

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Question 6: Would you recommend Lyreco to your friends and colleagues?

88% of customers in Slovakia and more than 80% in the Czech Republic would recommend Lyreco to their friends and colleagues as a supplier of everything they need for the workplace. 

A positive delivery experience can have a major impact on customer satisfaction, customer trust and the overall perception of the company. It promotes long-term customer loyalty, a positive brand reputation and potential growth. 

The Lyreco customer survey, conducted in partnership with Staffino, was hugely successful and insightful. The positive feedback and suggestions from our customers will serve as a basis for our efforts to further improve and enhance our services in the future.  

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