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Our culture

At Lyreco, we strive for business excellence while enjoying informal culture, inclusive of diverse personalities and making you feel "at home" from Day 1. Our most important goal besides being successful at what we do? Having fun! 

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Your development first

”I can be who I want to be”.

We believe in developing our people and when working at Lyreco, you’ll never be sat twiddling your thumbs! You’ll be constantly discovering new skills and knowledge with the help of our local Learning & Development Team.

We believe in fostering an environment that inspires and rewards your creativity and innovation by promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, in particular, there’s no such thing as a stupid idea and there’s nothing wrong with reaching for the top!

Our success is all down to our employees – a reason why we are committed to acquiring, retaining, and developing the top talent on the market.

Diversity and Inclusion

Respect as a core value


Driven by our value of RESPECT, we strongly believe in diversity to enrich our working environment and experiences and support our performance.

A non-discriminatory decision system

Diversity and inclusion LP

Under no circumstances will decisions be made based on gender, age, position, disability, race, colour, social class, marital status, sexual orientation, religious belief, culture or nation of origins and political views.

Value opinions and dialogue

open workplace

Lyreco considers the respect and fair treatment of all employees as key priorities to achieve employee excellence as well as customer excellence. 

Valuing employees’ opinions and ensuring constructive dialogue is essential to support this purpose.

Foster well-being at work

Hands clapping together

Lyreco seeks to improve the quality of work life by maintaining a good balance between working and personal lives, encouraging a positive and supportive working attitude and instilling a good spirit of collaboration.

CASH volunteers

Join a responsible company

Lyreco is a company where sustainability is taken into account at all times, at all levels and for any decision - whether that is the environment, our people, our customers, suppliers or you!

Discover our pledge and our 5 commitments towards circular economy on our CSR pages.

We care about the future, and at Lyreco you can contribute towards our shared goal of working together for tomorrow. Indeed one of our strong commitments in the sustainability Lyreco pillar is our internal programme “Lyreco for Education” – giving children living in poor conditions better access to education. At Lyreco you can help make a difference!

We also participate each year in local Volunteer days activities. 

Right: Lyreco volunteers helping at an elderly home in Pezinok

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