We strive to ensure that all people feel good, secure, protected, and cared for at Lyreco, in any workplaces, and in the communities in which we operate. As a global company anchored in local markets, we aim to create a culture of belonging.


We will support employee development and provide a career by:

  • Offering clear roles & responsibilities and regular feedbacks from managers.
  • Opening all positions to Lyreco employees first.
  • Prioritising the learning & development of employees, including training managers on how to develop their teams.

Provide a Safe and Empowering working environment by:

  • Securing the workplace for all Lyreco employees.
  • Respecting working practices.
  • Implementing Diversity & Inclusion policy in all the countries we operate.

Take action to make a positive impact on the communities by:

  • Acting locally where we operate to support education as a priority.
  • Collaborating with local authorities to create partnerships that link to employment.
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The Great People Survey

Our people are the driving force behind all our actions and activities, which is why we strive to provide a work environment in which they have every opportunity to grow, evolve, and thrive. 

Periodically, we conduct the Great People Survey across the 25 countries we operate in to ensure that we know what matters most to our people. We review their feedback and act to further improve their well-being at work. 

In 2026, our goal is for 90% of employees to report that they are proud to work for Lyreco. 

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Empowering people

Lyreco Pioneers program

In 2021, we launched Lyreco Pioneers, an internal entrepreneurial program that seeks to mobilise every one of our 12000 employees to provide solutions to key challenges around sustainability. 

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Lyreco for education

Supporting equal access to education in the poorest countries

Created 15 years ago, the Lyreco For Education programme raises funds to give children living in poor conditions in countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Brazil, Togo, Madagascar, Cambodia, and now Ethiopia better access to education.

The objective is to increase school enrolment and reduce the school dropout rate by improving the quality of education and learning conditions.
The Lyreco For Education programme gives our people and stakeholders the opportunity to engage in fundraising to promote equal education. This spirit of helping others is an important part of our company culture.

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