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The Lyreco group is much more than a supplier of workplace essentials. We partner with organisations in the quest for a better working world, one day at the time. 

We collaborate with renowned suppliers to provide more and more products with sustainability-related contribution, and the information people need to understand the impact of their purchases. Pairing local knowledge with global connections, we build strong relationships with our partners to drive progress in sustainability for workplaces.

A privately owned company since 1926, the Lyreco group directly operates in 25 countries in Europe and Asia and covers 16 additional markets on four continents through a network of distribution partners. As the European leader and the third largest distributor of workplace products and services in the world, we strive to work in an ethical and sustainable way in our local communities to promote well-being and safety amongst the people that live and work there. 

6th June 2024

Press Release

On June 6th, 2024, Lyreco held its third Demo Day in Brussels, showcasing innovative projects as part of its intrapreneur program, "Lyreco Pioneers".
Congratulations to the winning team of PPE Protect, Luc Dewinter and Chris Van den Bruel. 
Additionally, the project Accessible Workplace led by Anna Kamedula was chosen as a special mention.

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“Deliver sustainably what any workplace needs, so its people can focus on what matters most”.

Our mission shared by Lyreco’s 12,000 employees

Products and services that enhance safety, well-being, and productivity

We continuously innovate and expand our offering to cover all workplace needs: office supplies, furniture, IT equipment, printing solutions, personal protective equipment, hygiene, coffee, and catering.

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Lyreco at a glance

42 countries



With 17 local subsidiaries and an expertise centre dedicated to workplace safety, we operate directly in 25 countries in Europe and Asia. In addition, we have set up a network of 13 strategic distribution partners that serve 15 additional markets in North, Central and South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

10000 employees



Our people are the core of the operational excellence we offer daily to our customers.

Fostering workplaces with sustainability-related contribution

Our clients endeavour to create a workplace that supports the well-being and safety of their people and contributes to the protection of our planet. 

We are dedicated to helping them find the right sustainable solutions with our tailored advice and services, setting the circular economy standard for workplaces. 

As a member of the UN Global Compact since 2004, we publish our Sustainability Report every year, highlighting the actions we take to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals and support our clients in achieving theirs.

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Lyreco For Education

Lyreco For Education

Raising funds for children's education

Encouraging all our people to devote time to charity initiatives is part of the Lyreco company culture.

Through the Lyreco For Education programme, they can develop fundraising activities to give children living in poor conditions better access to education.


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