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Logistics & Delivery

A frictionless customer experience

With a 95% success rate for on time, in full, next day delivery, Lyreco is the leading procurement and supply chain expert of workplace, office supplies, and PPE in Europe and Asia. 

As your partner, we can help you enhance work efficiency, improve cost control, and reduce your carbon footprint. Whatever your needs for workplace products and solutions, wherever your premises are, we will support you in moving from multiple suppliers to just one. 


Integrated logistics and delivery fleets

With 20 national distribution centers and 146 regional redistribution units in 19 countries in Europe and Asia, Lyreco has developed a powerful supply chain network. These facilities are completed by a network of trusted logistics and delivery partners.

We are continuously investing in optimizing our storage capacity and stock availability, enhancing picking and delivery processes, improving working conditions, and reducing the environmental impact of our warehouses and delivery fleet.

Same-day delivery

More than 3,000 logistics operators and drivers support our best-in-class, daily delivery service. 

The dedication of our people combined with our distribution network are key to ensure:

  1. A delivery success rate over 95% for more than 20 years
  2. Fast and flexible delivery time
  3. Multiple sites and last-mile delivery: directly on desktop, in customer cupboard, by the printer...