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Delivering sustainable workplace solutions in 40 Countries

Collaborating across continents

We have developed an extensive international presence to be able to respond to specific local demands and manage contracts on a regional and global scale. Covering 40 countries on four continents, we work together with our suppliers and our customers to set the circular economy standard for the workplace industry. 

With 17 local subsidiaries and an expertise centre dedicated to workplace safety, we operate directly in 25 countries in Europe and Asia.

In addition, we have set up a network of 13 strategic distribution partners that serve 15 additional markets in North, Central and South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

World presence
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International company anchored in local markets

From offices to industrial or construction sites, from SMEs to large companies, workplace and work practices differ from one country to another. 

With an expert approach to local market needs and a dedication to delivering sustainably what any workplace needs, we ensure reliable and timely delivery of innovative solutions wherever we are present. Our sales and logistics professionals, specialists, drivers, and customer care team are on site, ensuring we meet the needs of our local customers. 

Partner Network

A strong distribution partner network


To help our international customers optimize the working environment everywhere they operate, we have built up a network of business partners who are experts in their local market. 

This network serves 15 countries on four continents: a unique international coverage in the field of supplies and services for the office and work environment.



In 2019, we acquired Deskright, a leader in the Singapore workplace market. 

Our complementary strengths enable us to further enhance the customer experience, positioning us as the ideal partner for companies in Singapore.

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Personalized support for our international customers

We support international buyers in their multi-country purchases of workplace products by managing diverse and specific requirements with as few contracts as possible.

A single point of contact is appointed to our international customers to address: 

  • contract preparation: coordination of our local expert partners for consolidation and negotiation of a multi-country products and services offer 
  • contract management: coordination of required local adjustments in terms of products and services, performance follow-up in terms of quality of services 
  • contract review at multinational level: a 360° overview through data consolidation and single business and service review on a regular basis