Expertise and Specialisation

Health & Safety, Hygiene and Well-being

Some areas of the working environment require specific expert advices. They can be regulated by a complex reglementation, such as people health and safety at work, or cover more general employees' well-being concerns. 

To provide our customers with sharp advices on these specific issues, Lyreco specialist teams support our customers in the management of 3 specific areas of the working environment: Safety & PPE, Hygiene & Cleaning, Coffee Breaks.

PPE & Industrial solutions 

In addition to an extended PPE selection, Lyreco provides to its European customers a safety expertise strengthened by the recent acquisition of a renown Safety specialists: Intersafe, a leading Personal Protective Equipment supplier in France and Benelux.

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Workplace hygiene specialist

To support our customers in their hygiene product selections, Lyreco in house hygiene specialists are on hand to provide specialist support on environmental and innovative hygiene products.

Lyreco has developed a comprehensive range of essential Hygiene & Cleaning products to always bring our customers value for money. Lyreco detergents and microfiber cloths are certified with EU Ecolabel, which guarantees eco-friendly products and efficiency.

nespresso business Lyreco

Lyreco Coffee Solutions: an exclusive partnership with Nespresso Solutions

Lyreco is an exclusive distribution partner in 6 markets in Europe: Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, England, Scotland, Ireland.


In each market, a team of NESPRESSO coffee specialists and coffee machine experts delivers the highest level of services in line with NESPRESSO SOLUTIONS mission to provide the best selection of coffee with the best in class customer relation.


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