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As of 2013, the Lyreco offering includes personal protection equipment (PPE). In addition to an extensive range of PPE, we also want to provide our customers with compliant expertise in a sustainable way on safety matters. To do so, the Lyreco Group acquired Intersafe in 2018. This way, we succeeded in bringing together two companies with strong expertise in providing safety solutions in workplaces across various industries. By combining our shared and complementary strengths, we can provide our customers with solutions for the most crucial safety hazards, ensuring the protection of workers across a wide range of environments, from low-risk to high-risk. Depending on your local situation, we deliver compliant, innovative safety productsservices & solutions with or without the Lyreco Intersafe brand, but in any case, with the ‘Intersafe expertise’. However, our focus extends beyond product provision, as we aim to sustainably support our customers with in-depth knowledge and guidance.

About Intersafe

Over the years, Lyreco Intersafe has become a provider of complete personal safety solutions, with a wide expertise in both health and life-threatening risks and productivity issues related to the individual safety of workers.

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Safety Circle

The Safety Circle is created to support companies in building the safest possible working environment while also enhancing process optimization. By following the circle step by step, areas that need further development can be discovered, enabling companies to not only improve safety but also optimize operational processes. This integrated approach ensures a holistic focus on safety and process efficiency, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and sustainable growth.