vino pod hviezdami

A festival of delectable tastings and quality drinks

Lyreco supports Wine Under the Stars 


In August, Lyreco supported Wine Under the Stars, a two-day festival that fuses the elegance of wine-tasting with refreshing wellness workshops and decent music. Despite the bad weather, the event attracted thousands of enthusiastic visitors who wanted to sample the finest wines and enjoy the stars – not only those shining in the sky, but also those playing music on the stage.  

The festival, being held for the eighth time during the first weekend of August, featured 20 acclaimed local wineries, which transformed the Pezinok vineyards under Stará hora (Old Mountain) into the perfect spot for wine lovers. 

wineyeards event

Wine Under the Stars transcends traditional wine-tasting, thanks in large part to the accompanying programme it lays on. Over 7 000 visitors from all over Slovakia and abroad visited the festival during the two days. Around 10 000 bottles of wine were spilled during the festival. 

wineyard event

The atmosphere was complemented by live musical performances that echoed throughout the festival grounds and infused the event with a dynamic rhythm. 

A new feature was the lecture tent, which featured winemakers and later hosted a live podcast, as well as an open gallery of paintings by local artists. 

man pouring water into cup

Fluid intake organised by Lyreco

Lyreco played an important role in keeping the attendees comfortable and healthy. As the backstage drinks sponsor, we provided vital hydration throughout the event, thereby emphasising the importance of adhering to the right fluid intake

Our commitment to supporting people’s health and local communities aligns smoothly with the goals of the festival, and we are privileged to have been able to contribute to an unforgettable experience for all attendees. 

Lyreco beachflaggs at festival

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