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Lyreco CASH Convention: Supplier Fair

From state-of-the-art technologies to sustainable solutions, embracing innovation entails seamless adaptation to the requirements of our customers and the market. We believe that progress is built on strong partnerships, and Lyreco supplier fair serves a platform for fostering stronger and enduring relationships. 

This supplier fair is an opportunity for our sales representatives to talk to suppliers and partners. 

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The Lyreco supplier fair transcends being a mere event; it stands as a pivotal gathering of our vendors and suppliers, brimming with fresh perspectives and invaluable firsthand insights. In this dynamic environment, you can learn about the latest best practices and explore new and exciting ways of using our products. By enabling us to deliver cutting-edge solutions and services to our clients, this interaction is paramount for our ambition to stay one step ahead of our competition.

Andreas Rameder
Country Manager Austria, Lyreco Central Europe

Lyreco Supplier Fair 2024 

The Lyreco CASH Convention is a two-day event, traditionally held in January. It comprises three distinct events: a supplier fair, a plenary session, and a gala. The CASH Convention attracts attendees from all four member countries - the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. 

supplier fair with booths and chairs

The Lyreco event of the year commenced with the supplier fair held for the first time at the D1 Centre in Senec. Following the opening ceremony, teams of sales representatives strolled among the sales booths of the vendors. A diverse range of topics were discussed with the suppliers, including products, solutions, long-term sustainability, current trends, market dynamics, advancements in stationery, refreshments, hygiene, PPE, and workplace solutions and technologies.

The plenary session, held the following day at the Saffron hotel, senior managers and esteemed international guests shared the outcomes of the previous year and outlined their plans for the current year. 

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In the evening, employees from the Lyreco Central Europe branch and select suppliers gathered for the grand gala dinner, themed “Mirror Garden”. Here, the best sales representatives and the top-performing sales booth of the fair were honoured with Very Lyreco People Awards. 

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As the well-known saying goes, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. Sales representatives can touch a product, try it out or discuss the benefits directly with a company representative.

Peter Špes
Regional Sales Manager Slovakia, Lyreco
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What did our sales representatives take away from their talks with suppliers?

  1. They found out more about manufacturers’ green ambitions and sustainable products
  2. The suppliers provided them with demonstrations and information on the competitive advantages of their products. 
  3. They were given answers to the specific questions they are frequently asked by their customers. 
  4. This was an opportunity to sample new refreshments, so that they can pass on first-hand experience. 
  5. Sales representatives were able to provide suppliers with customer feedback on their products. 
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024
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supplier fair 2024

After an exhausting several hours, the reps cast their votes in the “Best stand 2024” poll and were given sample packs. 

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It was truly impressive to witness the array of groundbreaking solutions, products, practices, and ideas presented by our key suppliers.

Experiencing them firsthand adds tremendous value, especially for our customers. They have the opportunity to engage with our advisors, exploring innovative methods to enhance their profitability and workplace efficiency. They are offered comprehensive solutions that propel their businesses to new heights.

Lukáš Mindár
Learning & Development Specialist, Lyreco Central Europe
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024
supplier fair 2024

Best stand 2024


tesa best stand 2024

Our partner, Tesa, received recognition from the Lyreco sales representatives for having the best sales booth. The award was presented amidst resounding applause during the gala dinner.

"We are immensely proud to receive this recognition for our efforts. We greatly value this award.

Each year, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to interact with the exceptional people at Lyreco, for whom we endeavour to craft an engaging sales booth featuring practical demonstrations and information related to their field. "

David Babicky, Key Account Manager, Tesa

Lyreco Supplier Fair from the perspective of our partners

supplier fair 2024

The experience was truly enriching.  Your attention to detail and unwavering commitment to orchestrating a flawless and enjoyable event did not go unnoticed. From the impeccably planned schedule to the flawless organisation - every facet of the event reflected your commitment to excellence. [...] I am excited to attend the upcoming event organised by the Lyreco team and have the opportunity to meet you there to engage in discussions regarding initiatives for the advancement of our business.

Karoline de Miranda

Sales Manager at The Navigator Company

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