Lyreco Central Europe employees

Volunteer Days in Slovakia

In Slovakia, everyone can be part of national Days of Volunteering; these are days when corporate employees help beautify, clean and improve the city/surroundings where they live.

Lyreco CE, our East and Central European subsidiary, has once again joined. During these days, Lyreco values are developed among employees as people working in a non-standard situation enhance their ability to communicate, train, manage crises and work effectively as a team.

Finally but importantly, employees have the pleasure of actively working for a good cause, bringing them a sense of self-satisfaction. 


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den dobrovolnikov 2023 sadenie kvetov

Lyreco mobilises local resources and is able to be part of the change that we all want to see in the world.

Again this year, we joined the 17th edition of the "Our Town" event, which involved 9,800 volunteers, organized by the Pontis Foundation. We went to the Hestia Social Services Home, where we engaged the clients in various activities. We took a walk together, replanted flowers and landscaped the garden. Of course there was fun in form of soccer, tennis but also dancing.

From 2016, Lyreco CASH has been proudly helping:

  • 2023 Pezinok Social services home Hestia
  • 2022 Pezinok Social services home Hestia - Replanting of indoor flowers, garden landscaping, outdoor games and activities, walk in the centre of Pezinok
  • 2021 Pezinok Social services home Hestia- Painting and renovation of the garden, bio-compost, playground, front gate
  • 2020 event postponed due to COVID19
  • 2019 Pezinok House of Seniors - beautification of the garden
  • 2018 Pezinok House of Seniors - beautification of the campus
  • 2017 Pezinok-Castle Park - Painting of Metal Fence
  • 2016 Pezinok-Nursery - Painting and renovation of the playground.
lyreco empoyees playing footbal badminton with clients of Hestia

Picture : CASH volunteers in 2023, outdoor activities

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