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Education at the core of Lyreco's charity programme

Make Education the core of the Lyreco Charity Programme at global and local levels.

Committing all our employees to devote time to charitable activities is part of Lyreco`s company culture. Through the Lyreco For Education program, our employees develop fund raising actions to give children living in poor conditions better access to education. 

Funds are raised through various activities and initiatives in all of our subsidiaries to achieve our mission.


Our objective

Increase school enrolment and reduce school drop out rate by improving the quality of education and learning conditions.


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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal we contribute to.  



LFE money


Raised for our Cambodian program

From all fundraisings and actions organized by our subsidiaries.

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Target for 2022

At the end of our 2019-2022 Cambodian programm.


  1. Renewing school infrastructures
  2. Improving teachers` training
  3. Providing education about health and hygiene
  4. Financing scholarships
  5. Implementing child protection training
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CAMBODIA 2019-2022

From January 2019 and over the next 4 years, our 10,000 employees have been taking actions to raise 1 million euro to directly support 11,000 children and teenagers enrolled in primary and secondary schools in North-East Cambodia.

In partnership with CARE, we will improve the quality of education and learning conditions, in particular for ethnic minorities.

  • 11,000 children
  • 26 schools supported
  • boarding house built for 60 students
  • 92 teachers trained in scientific and digital education
  • 60 scholarships
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Since 2010, thanks to Lyreco’s support, CARE has developed education projects in Brazil, Madagascar and Cambodia. Our common objective is to provide better quality education to increase student enrollment over the long term. Together, we have already achieved a lot!

Nathalie Rosselot
Corporate Partnership Director, Care France
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