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Sustainability: How we assess our suppliers


Building long-term relationships with suppliers is key to strengthen our environmentally preferable products and services and to foster innovation in the field of sustainability.  

The annual sustainability assessment of Lyreco suppliers was launched in 2015 as a standalone evaluation. It has been fully integrated in the Supplier Performance Improvement Programme in 2018.

In 2019, sustainability, which previously accounted for 20% of the score, has been increased to 25%, on a par with the other three criteria of the Supplier Performance Improvement Programme. 

The CSR evaluation covers 5 categories:

  1. Environmental characteristics of the products,
  2. CSR organisation and governance
  3. Environmental Management System,
  4. Health & Safety Management System,
  5. Social Accountability, Supply Chains and Business Ethics.


Based on the results of these evaluation tools, the ambition is to build an annual individual improvement action plan. This plan is implemented and coordinated throughout the year by the Lyreco Product Category, QSS and Logistics teams.



To develop its methodology, Lyreco uses:

world resources institute

World Resources Institute

The World Resources Institute guidelines focus on critical environmental and development issues sch as climate, energy, forests, water, cities and the ocean. 

ISO 26000 supplier sustainability assessment


ISO 26000 guidelines

The assessment is based on the effective business between Lyreco and the supplier, in terms of factories, business units, product categories – making the assessment more accurate for Lyreco customers.

2019 assessment results

  • 97 suppliers contacted  - 100 % answer rates
  • Average Score: 3,32/5*  - *1 being the best score in the Supplier Performance Improvement Programme methodology
  • Evolution: - 4% vs 2018