Lyreco Switzerland, Equal Pay certified since 2015

Today, more and more countries are taking steps to encourage or legally mandate companies to take action towards equal pay. As a responsible company, we act towards fair practices and no discrimination, including gender-based considerations.


Filling the gender gap

At Lyreco, we want all our people to be treated equitably and without any discrimination. Ensuring that all Lyreco people are treated without any consideration based on their gender and so working at errasing the difference between the average male and female income is a key element of our responsible commitment.


A long-term commitment towards Equal Pay

Since April 2015, following the Equal Salary methodology, Lyreco Switzerland has been achieving the Equal Salary certification, underscoring its commitment to social equality among Lyreco employees. 

Equal Salary in a nutshell

The Equal Salary methodology was designed to allow companies around the world, in every field, to address the issues of inequality and discrimination to ensure that all employees are paid equally for the same work.

The Equal Salary certification is a process that allows companies to verify and communicate that they pay their female and male employees equally for the same job or for jobs of the same value.

Lyreco Switzerland teams are fully aware that nowadays more and more customers ask about the gender-equality to make sure they deal with a responsible partner who treats its employees in a fair respectful way.

Stephan Nueesch
QSS Manager, Lyreco Switzerland