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In Lyreco, we hold strongly to organizational transparency.

Among our customers, employees, as well as with our suppliers. 

We believe that trust and clarity are essential in meeting our customers’ expectations as well as the requirements for high-quality products and services. Our policies assure this;

Lyreco Company Policies

Our policies are an expression of who we are and how we do business at Lyreco. It applies in all our activities, wherever we operate, at any time.

The main policies are; Quality, Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

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Quality Policy

Since its foundation in 1926, Lyreco has been dedicated to satisfying customers’ workplace needs while still being grounded in our company’s mission; “To Simplify Life at Work”.


We strive to provide service which consistently fulfils and regularly exceeds our client's expectations.

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Environmental Policy

Lyreco operates with respect to the people and planet.


We regularly practice our part for the environment by implementing sustainable practices throughout our organization. At every level of our operations, we actively explore new ways to honour our commitments to the planet.


Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Protecting and advocating for our employees' wellbeing has always been a part of Lyreco. That is why we adhere strictly to the framework for safety, health and welfare. 

Contractor & Visitor Forms

Our forms are established according to OSH 315 and OSH 316. It requires any third-party individuals to be well-informed of Lyreco's on-site rules and regulations to ensure the utmost compliance with workplace health and safety regulations.

At Lyreco, we require business partners to reach our performance standards. In order to do so, we assess our contractors by criteria that ensure outsourced work is done per the health and safety policy, workplace standards, and contract terms. We also require on-site visitors to acknowledge our health and safety measures. Our goal is always to minimise any health and safety risks posed to our employees and visitors. 

As we strive to improve our practices as a leading distributor of workplace products and services, our policies will continuously be reappraised and modified accordingly to better fit regulations and of course, to heighten our clients' and employees' overall satisfaction. 

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