Radiant Aidilfitri

Ramadan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri Office Celebration Ideas

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast and pray. Fasting is never physically easy for anyone especially over the course of a whole month, but there are some things employers could do to make employees adjust better during the fasting month. This could include:
•    Reducing office hours or introducing flexible working time
•    Gifting of dates and energising carepacks
•    Hosting a breaking-of-fast (buka puasa) session in the evening

It is a time for reflection, spiritual renewal, gatherings and visiting with family and friends. Celebrating Ramadan and Hari Raya is a good way to celebrate workplace diversity and create a feeling of inclusiveness among team members. By bringing the team together for major festive events, team members get to understand the cultural background of their colleagues and foster greater relationships with each other. Here are some tips on how you could celebrate the holy month and festival this year: 

Light up the office space with Festive Decorations

Being a time of the year when many would shop for new clothing and furniture for their homes, it’s also a good time to decorate your office with festival decorations, new office supplies and pantry offerings. With an extensive range of products Lyreco has to offer, find all the products you’ll need to promote inclusiveness and create a joyful workplace.  

Light Up Your Workplace

Spread care to your team with Ramadan Packs

Suhoor pre-fast meals can be simple and nutritious with Lyreco. Share dates and nutritious Ramadan packs to your employees that would keep them going during their spiritual renewal journey. Lyreco Ramadan packs are filled with nutritious snacks and drinks, especially convenient when they are on the go before sunrise or when breaking fast after sunset. 

Suhoor Gifts

Provide dates to help breaking fast

Dates remain as one of the most popular gifts and appetizer during Ramadan. Nutritious, high in dietary fibre and antioxidants, this sweet fruit will delight anyone receiving it as a gift.

Ramadan Dates Fruit

Excite your pantry with Hari Raya Pantry Cookies

Offer some irresistible Raya cookies to create more excitement at the office pantry and delight your employees during this festive celebration season.

Hari Raya Cookies GiftSet

Gifting Hari Raya Hampers as a token of appreciation

Celebrate Hari Raya with Lyreco curated range of hampers. With 6 types of hampers to choose from, select the right hamper to share with your colleagues and customers.

Hari Raya Hampers

Make your gifts meaningful

Impress your VIPs with one of these Jiewa Gift sets – specially curated with unique hand painted tiffin and bag designs by 60 over Malaysian artists who are single mothers, people with disabilities, domestic violence survivors and some workers who had lost their jobs due to the pandemic. By purchasing any of these JIEWA Gift sets, you’ll be contributing to charitable efforts in supporting these resilient survivors.

JIEWA Tiffin Giftset

Giving to Charitable Homes

More than just fasting, Ramadan is also a month of giving. A visit to a local charity home is one of the ways we could provide time, giving festive thoughtful gifts, and monetary donations to those in need. Another avenue would be running a charity drive that collects financial aid for people in need.

Giving to Charitable Homes

Host a Hari Raya Lunch Session

Host a Hari Raya lunch session with your team in office and invite them to dress up in traditional clothing, pair with catering of Raya delights such as satays, ketupat, and kuih-muih. It’s a great way to bring the team together for celebrations and engagements. Reach out to Lyreco team for free consultation and solutions for your wellness @ Teams. 

Hari Raya Lunch Session

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