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Life at Lyreco

Rooted in the very essence of Lyreco are four core values that serve as the guiding principles for our organization: Excellence, Agility, Passion, and Respect. Lyreco is a privately owned company with about 12,000 employees, and our people are at the centre of everything we do. People form a crucial pillar of our sustainability strategy, and we prioritize fostering their growth, supporting their career journeys and providing a safe and empowering work environment. 

But how do we do this you ask? Hear it from Lyreco Employees themselves below! 


What’s it really like to work at Lyreco? 

Meet Adele Gayault 

Adele Gayault, Group Events Manager, delves into her motivation, providing a glimpse into the driving force that fuels her dedication. Discover not just the intricacies of her role but also the unique work culture that sets Lyreco apart. Find out what it is like to work in the Group Communication’s team! 

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Meet Alessandro Serino 

Ever wondered what working for Lyreco Intersafe in Dordrecht, the Netherlands is like? Rest assured, you can get your questions answered with Alessandro Serino, Global Safety Director. From mergers in Benelux to implementing our internal Safety University, Alessandro shares his expertise and experience working at Lyreco Intersafe. 

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Meet Dorota Bak 

Discover the firsthand account of working as an IT Governance Risk and Compliance Expert from Dorota Bak, based in Gdansk, Poland. In this insightful narrative, Dorota unveils the aspects she finds most enjoyable in her role, reflects on the progression of her career, and shares the motivating factors that drive her forward. 

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Meet Ewa Serafin 

Ewa Serafin, Group Finance Operations Manager, exemplifies versatility and expertise through her diverse roles at Lyreco. Throughout her career, Ewa has overcome numerous challenges and embraced international opportunities, showcasing resilience and commitment to excellence. Stay tuned to explore her journey, where adaptability and a passion for continuous growth have been integral to her success at Lyreco. 

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Meet Mickael Guerardelle 

Tech Innovation Director Mickael Guerardelle brings a wealth of experience to Lyreco with his dual focus on supporting the innovation group as well as RPA (Robotic Process Automation). In this testimonial, Mickael shares insights into his Lyreco journey, discussing his experience and his transition to his current role as Director.  

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As you've journeyed through these professional and personal stories, we hope you've gained a deeper understanding of the community that makes up Lyreco. Our commitment to excellence, our passion for innovation, our respect for diverse perspectives, and our agility in navigating challenges collectively shape the dynamic and rewarding 'Life at Lyreco.' 

If these testimonials have resonated with you, we encourage you to consider the possibilities that may await you at Lyreco. If indeed the spirit and values portrayed and showcased here align with your professional goals, check out our Career Centre, your next chapter might be just around the corner. 

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