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Based on almost 90 years of expertise, we support you with proven solutions for safety challenges, maintenance of safety equipment, and Face Fit testing, and enable you to manage your safety equipment using innovative platforms. Our goal is to optimize workplace safety through high-quality PPE, advanced management systems, and knowledge of safety standards and compliance requirements to workplace solutions, so you can focus on what matters most.

Employee Safety Manager

The Employee Safety Manager (ESM) is an online platform where you can track the entire process relating to personal protective equipment (PPE), such as clothing packages, safety and screen glasses, and customized hearing protection at an individual level. This platform gives purchase managers insight into which employee is using which product or item and offers detailed information on the purchase date, the date of replacement, and, if applicable, the available budget per employee. Employees can order their own clothing online and make an appointment with the nearest optician, hearing care professional, or orthopedist. Everything is in accordance with pre-agreed agreements and guidelines within your organization. All parties are continuously informed of the progress of the process through notification e-mails.

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What is ESM

Safety Equipment Manager

The Safety Equipment Manager (SEM) is an online platform where you can manage the inspections and maintenance of all your PPE, tools and other equipment subject to statutory provisions concerning inspections or calibration for Fall protection, Respiratory protection, Gas detection, First Aid equipment, and Fire extinguishers.

The platform provides insight about in which division and site the equipment is stored. And it indicates the manager responsible for each piece of equipment.

The platform provides email alerts if your equipment’s inspection date is about to expire. We provide the necessary inspection and/or maintenance and the results of the inspection and/or maintenance will be registered in SEM. You can also download the inspection or maintenance report of the completed inspections.

SEM is the recommended platform if you want to be compliant and easily able to meet the local and international regulations like ISO.

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