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Safety Circle


It is our ambition to support companies in maximizing safety performance in a compliant, cost-effective way. To this end, we have created our own approach to safety called the Intersafe Safety Circle.

This circle represents the steps we guide companies through to realize a safe and productive work environment. The idea of a circle originates from the fact that safety is a continuous process where new risks and circumstances can always arise.

The Safety Circle visualizes how we approach the integral safety of your employees based on five principles.

According to Framework Directive 89/391/EEC, employers are required to carry out a risk assessment to enable them to take appropriate measures to protect workers’ safety and health.

The risk assessment is used to determine any potential risk that could affect the health and safety of the employees within the organization.

Only after as many as possible risks are eliminated or mitigated will the analysis of the residual risk result in the recommendation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

How to match between the risk and protection and make sure it fits the person and situation? 

The selection of PPE depends on the task the employee performs in a specific location, in which environmental conditions are a factor.

For instance, PPE with a relatively short lifespan must be available on-site as fast as possible, and their usage may evolve according to environmental factors. Depending on your local situation, you can also offer solutions for personalized products, such as individualized eye- and hearing protection, tailor-made or printed workwear or safety shoes with orthopedic insoles.

The Group product range includes all types of PPE and safety equipment to protect your employees against the safety risks to which they are exposed.

We have set up several innovative ordering methods and logistic channels to ensure that the correct PPE is delivered at the right moment to the right person.

Depending on your local situation, we can offer you solutions like a webshop, marketplace or EDI. But also innovative platforms like the Employee Safety Manager, Safety Equipment Manager, and Vendor Management to manage processes around measurement, replacement, and personal workwear packages delivered at employees’ home addresses.

How do you ensure your equipment is maintained, and users are well-instructed about the usage of this equipment?

PPE is only adequate if it is used and maintained properly. By providing specific courses and training on how to wear, maintain and clean PPE, we can support you in ensuring that PPE is used correctly and safely.

In addition, we offer the service of professional Face Fit tests on-site to perform a mask seal check and verify whether the mask fits properly.

Moreover, we offer you to use the Safety Equipment Manager platform, which enables you, to efficiently control all the required inspections and maintenance of:
Fall protection, Respiratory protection, Gas detection, First aid equipment, and Fire extinguishers.

Optimize safety awareness.

By involving the end users in the ordering and delivery process, you can make a major contribution to the awareness of PPE and the willingness to wear them.

Then, wearing PPE is one step. Working safely requires more. Therefore, we can support you in increasing safety awareness and behavioral change within your organization. To achieve this goal we offer several innovative solutions such as toolboxes, workshops with or without actors, e-learning, or virtual reality experiences.