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Sustainable Selection

In 2023, we are launching the Lyreco Sustainable Selection, a new methodology for identifying suppliers and products with better sustainability-related performance. This methodology is assessed and certified by SGS and based on three criteria: 





Products focusing on environmental contribution 

Products contributing to the well-being and safety of people at work

Products contributing to improving societal impact on local communities

Nature - Abstract

Planet by Lyreco

Products with the “Planet” icon are selected because of their focus on the environmental contribution.

A Planet product is required to (i) have a major Type 1 globally recognised environmental certification, and/or (ii) be refurbished, and/or (iii) have a minimum percentage of recycled materials in its composition, and/or (iv) have a minimum of two environmental features, such as being refillable or reusable, compostable or biodegradable, returnable, or having an extended life span.

Our guidelines follow ISO 20400:2017 principles, a highly reliable global standard.

People by Lyreco

People at work by Lyreco

Products with the “People at Work” icon are selected because they contribute to improving work conditions and experiences.

People at Work-selection product is required to have at least one wellness-oriented certification and/or provide ease of adjustment, accessibility improvement, stimulation of movement, and/or pain and injury prevention. These standards are designed with your workforce in mind, whatever their work environment may be.  


Community by Lyreco

At Lyreco, we understand the social impact of the sourced products. That is why products bearing the “Community” icon are required to (i) have at least one certification that ensures fair practices throughout their manufacturing chain, and/or (ii) promote local production, and/or (iii) promote social enterprises (i.e., businesses driven by a social/environmental mission whose main objective is to have a social impact and reinvest profits into creating positive social change), thus putting smaller communities at the forefront. 


A clear and transparent product and service assessment methodology based on sustainable criteria.  

Sustainable Selection is our new progressive assessment methodology, clearer and closer to our long-term Sustainability strategy, which aims to strengthen our procurement process by implementing more sustainable initiatives, actions, and decisions.

The Lyreco sustainable procurement process follows the ISO 20400:2017[1] principles with the final maturity rating of 3/5 by SGS[2]

This new assessment methodology is carried out in two successive steps among which three mandatory criteria are required from our suppliers and products to pass the overall assessment:

  • Step 1: Supplier assessment
  • Step 2: Product assessment
  • If the three mandatory criteria are met, the products will be further assessed and assigned up to three of the following Sustainable Selection icons:
  • Planet: Products focusing on environmental contribution
  • People at Work: Products contributing to the well-being and safety of people at work 
  • Community: Products contributing to improving societal impact on local communities 


Green commitment

A validated methodology

At Lyreco, our ambition is to have the right processes in place to deliver on our sustainability ambitions. We strive to do so by strengthening our practices and working hand in hand with external partners who, at least, share our concerns and ambitions.

From 2023, the Lyreco Sustainable Selection assessment methodology will be assessed every year by SGS and follow the ISO 20400:2017 principles

Continuous improvement

A continuously improving methodology

Our pioneering goal is to make it easier for our customers to make sustainable choices with confidence. Lyreco Sustainable Selection will continuously improve in order to meet the ever-changing needs and requirements and increase our sustainability maturity level.

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