Solar Panel

Facilities impact reduction

We have already taken steps to reduce our scope 2 emissions.  As of 2022, several countries have solar panels: France, Benelux, UK, Spain, Switzerland and Malaysia. Solar panel installation is in the agenda of almost all countries.

Solar Pannel

Additionally, seven countries source their electricity exclusively from renewable sources.

In April 2014, we commissioned the installation of solar panels on the roof of iour Benelux distribution centre. The panels produce 225,000 kWh annually—equal to 10% of the distribution centre's annual energy consumption or 70 households. In doing so, we are reducing our CO2e emissions by 56 tonnes a year.

Lyreco France completed the installation of solar panels on the parking lots of its two national distribution centres in 2022, producing almost 2 GWh per year. In Digoin, one of the two national distribution centres, biomass is used to heat the warehouse, saving up to 500 tonnes of CO2e.

 In 2022, the 13,860 solar panels of Lyreco UK and Ireland produced 3.16 million kWh. That is the most electricity they have generated since they went live in 2016.

Lyreco Germany sources its electricity exclusively from renewable sources. In February 2021, E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH certified that the entire energy requirement of Lyreco Germany facilities in 2020 was covered with 100% natural electricity from renewable energies. This certificate confirms Lyreco's continued commitment to climate change.