Great Lyders

Empowering Leadership Excellence: The Great Lyders Programme

At Lyreco, we're excited to shine the spotlight on "Great Lyders", a leadership development programme led by our Group People & Culture team! This initiative reflects our unwavering dedication to fostering leadership and nurturing excellence across the organisation. As excellence is one of the four core values that define our approach at Lyreco, incorporating it into our 'Great Lyders' programme naturally aligns with our commitment to uphold the highest standards of performance and leadership. 


The essence of Great Lyders 


"Great Lyders" isn't just a programme—it's a transformative journey tailored for our managers, focusing on key leadership facets like emotional intelligence, coaching posture, and innovative problem-solving. Designed with a unique blend of workshops and practical assignments, the programme equips our managers to lead themselves, others, and the organisation towards a brighter future. 


A tailor made leadership curriculum


Launched in March 2023, the "Great Lyders" programme boasts a unique structure by its comprehensive framework, specifically crafted to foster leadership skills across four critical dimensions. Each module is intricately designed to cultivate a deep understanding and practical application of leadership competencies vital for managing self, others, teams, and the broader organisation effectively. This multi-faceted approach ensures participants are not only equipped with theoretical knowledge but are also prepared to implement these strategies in real-world scenarios, thereby enhancing their leadership effectiveness and contributing to the organisation's success: 

  • Leading Self: Our leaders are encouraged to cultivate self-knowledge and emotional intelligence, ensuring they are as aware of their own inner workings as they are of others' emotions. 
  • Leading Others: We emphasize flexibility in leadership approaches, champion open and transparent communication, and adopt a coaching posture to enhance team autonomy and growth. 
  • Leading the Team: By focusing on the development of collective performance, we strive for optimal team outcomes. Our leaders are equipped to handle challenges decisively and with managerial courage, while always seeking effective problem-solving strategies. 
  • Leading the Organisation: At the organisational level, our leaders are at the forefront of change management and excel in fostering collaborative, cross-functional project work. 


Progress, insights, and future directions


Since its launch, "Great Lyders" has significantly impacted leadership within Lyreco, offering a unified framework for managerial development. The programme caters to both newly promoted and experienced managers, aiming to standardize leadership practices across our network. By the end of 2024, our goal is to have every manager in all our subsidiaries trained and empowered to become accomplished leaders.  

As we continue to evolve and enhance our leadership capabilities through "Great Lyders," we invite you to stay connected. Follow our journey as we share updates, success stories, and the impactful contributions of our leaders from around the globe. 
Take a look at some of our country’s contributions below:


Great Lyders

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