Home working

Home Office Delivery

Home office is becoming the new standard and is here to stay even in post-lockdown times.

Over the past few weeks many of our customers experienced the struggle of finding the most efficient way to work from home. This goes hand in hand with the question of how to support their teams remotely. Being able to fully focus on priorities requires indeed a little help. Lyreco not only offers a guide on how to manage the new work environment but also the necessary tools and solutions, from quality stationery to ergonomic workstation. 

Lyreco Home Delivery service is available in 25 countries in Europe and Asia to provide homeworkers with full range of office products. The process is unchanged: orders are made online through Lyreco e-shop and then delivered "fast & safely" right to the front door of your employee.

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Home Delivery can be tailored to our customers' needs:

  1. Order on your team’s behalf or let your employees place their own orders
  2. Enable your team to order from our entire product range

Lyreco offers its customers fast and easy set-up for home deliveries. Order on your team’s behalf or provide your homeworkers with the freedom to place their own orders.