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Lyreco BONUS program: Time for a reward

At Lyreco, we value and appreciate the commitment and trust our customers have placed in us. 


As a testament of our mission to "Deliver great working days" to every workplace, we are thrilled to unveil our brand-new loyalty program designed exclusively for our valued existing customers. 

This program is our way of expressing gratitude for our ongoing partnership. It provides you with enhanced benefits, rewards, and an elevated experience.


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Unlocking the Power of Loyalty

In the realm of B2B, where transactions are often complex, long-term, and built on trust, cultivating loyalty is paramount.  


What can you expect from Lyreco BONUS program? 

  • Choose from more than 250 rewards 
  • Collect points for every purchase 
  • Gather your reward anytime you wish 
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In the dynamic business world, building and nurturing strong customer relationships is crucial for sustained success. We believe that loyalty should be recognized, rewarded, and celebrated. Our loyalty program aims to go beyond the ordinary, offering exclusive advantages that align with your unique business needs and objectives. 

Ivona Pospíšilová
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Enjoy the simplicity of Lyreco BONUS program:

  1. Register at Lyreco BONUS program 
  2. Receive confirming mail with account activation 
  3. Start collecting your points 


What key features and benefits await you? 

  1. Tailored Rewards: Our program is specifically curated to cater to your preferences and requirements. We have carefully handpicked a selection of rewards that align with your business needs, ensuring that every benefit earned is valuable and relevant. 
  2. Personalized Experiences: We value your individuality, and our loyalty program reflects that. As a member, you can expect personalized experiences- tailored offer of specific products in the BONUS+ Program to your specific business needs. These products are carefully picked to promote your curiosity for new or sustainable products as well as top sellers. 
  3. Seamless Enrolment: A user-friendly loyalty program starts with a fluent enrolment process. Lyreco BONUS program allows you to sign up effortlessly. Join in within minutes and begin reaping the benefits of our program. 
  4. Intuitive Interface: The platform has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. Follow clear instructions and a user-friendly dashboard where you can view your choice of rewards, track your progress, and easily access program features. Save time and enjoy the experience. 
  5. Easy points collection: To understand how to earn points, what actions are required, and how to redeem rewards is very simple. Transparent guidelines and explanations will help you feel confident and empowered within Lyreco BONUS program. 


An easy-to-use Lyreco BONUS program allows you to earn and redeem rewards conveniently. Whether you are a small company or not purchasing regularly, you should be able to accumulate points or rewards effortlessly.  

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Don't have a BONUS account yet?

Let's dive in and discover how a well-crafted loyalty program can transform your B2B shopping experience. 

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Thank you 

once again for your continued support and trust. We look forward to taking our partnership to new heights through our new exciting loyalty program. 

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