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Audits in the Supply Chain: a re-inforced process

A new Supplier sustainability involvement programme was launched in 2012. Since, the scope, frameworks and control processes of Lyreco manufacturer audits have been regularly reinforced. 

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With the Eco Future strategy 2012-2018, a new Supplier sustainability involvement programme was launched in 2012. 

Since 2013, the Social compliancy assessment is extended to all indirectly imported products. It includes up to Lyreco manufacturers' subcontractors up the third 3.

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Manufacturer Social Compliancy audits have been launched in 2015.

In 2016, the audit scope was extended to environmental aspects.  A worldwide auditing company is since involved as a duly accredited third party to manage the audits. 


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Shadow audits and re-inforced vigilance


  • All these audits are done since using the SEDEX 4 pillar standard. The same approach (fully independent audits) is used either for directly or indirectly imported products.
  • In addition, shadow/complementary audits have been implemented to strengthen the reliability of the process. They are performed by the Lyreco QSS team.
  • Dedicated Supplier Sustainability Due Diligence are also performed according to the risk sensitivity of certain products such as paper with regards to deforestation or PPE products such as plastics gloves and surgical masks with regards to working conditions in risk countries. 

The goal is to make sure that we capture all the relevant sustainability aspects, depending on the product category, the location of the supplier and its context. This is a thorough analysis, launched for the complex situations.