Sustainability Report, reporting year 2022

We are thrilled to give you all an update on Lyreco’s sustainability ambitions in our report for the year 2022. This report showcases many examples of how Lyreco is implementing its sustainability strategy globally in all the countries it operates in. 

By 2026, Lyreco aims to have 90% of their global turnover to be represented by their Sustainable Selection of products, have 90% of employees proud to work for Lyreco, and continue to collaborate with their partners to achieve sustainable progress. Lyreco’s mission is to be pioneers in delivering sustainably what every workplace needs, so that its people can focus on what matters most. 

Lyreco launched the first version of Sustainable Selection by Lyreco at the end of 2022, which is a new progressive assessment methodology, clearer and closer to its long-term sustainability strategy aiming at strengthening their current procurement process with more sustainable initiatives, actions, and decisions. It follows the ISO 20400:2017. 


Sustainability Report, reporting year 2022

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