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Lyreco launches its new Sustainability Strategy


MARLY, FRANCE, 5th December 2022 Lyreco is launching its new Sustainability Strategy, committing the company to reducing the impact of its activities on the planet, empowering people, and driving sustainable progress by 2026.

5th December 2022


Lyreco launches its new Sustainability Strategy

Lyreco’s long-standing commitment to sustainability

This new strategy is in line with Lyreco’s historical commitments to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. From 2012 to 2018, the Lyreco Eco-Future Strategy laid the foundation for the company’s commitment to the environment, economics, and people. The Lyreco 2018-2022 Sustainability Strategy expanded these commitments to six, with the addition of sustainability in the supply chain, governance and risk management, and contribution to the community.

In 2022, Lyreco enters a new era by making sustainability the core enabler of its 2026 Strategic Vision, reinforcing its key role in the growth and evolution of the company.

The new Sustainability Strategy is based on three pillars - Planet, People, and Progress - with strong commitments and goals set for 2026.

Maxime Chabaud

Our mission is clear: To be pioneers in delivering sustainably what any workplace needs, so its people can focus on what matters most. By listening to our stakeholders and their growing demand for more sustainable solutions and insights, we have decided to give sustainability an even greater role in our 2026 Strategic Vision, and in our journey towards progress.

Maxime Chabaud
Lyreco Group Strategy Director
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Lyreco commits to Planet

In order to limit its impact on the Planet, Lyreco commits, by 2026, to:

  • Use and sell more sustainable products and services and embrace the circular economy, targeting 90% of its turnover to be generated by sustainable products and services
  • Reduce the impact of company vehicles and business travel and offset the CO2 that cannot be reduced
  • Reduce the impact of our company facilities, supplying them with 100% renewable energy and offsetting the CO2 that cannot be reduced
People together

Lyreco commits to People

By committing to People, Lyreco aims, by 2026, to:

  • Support its employees’ development and offer them more than a job, a career
  • Provide them with a safe and empowering working environment
  • Make a positive impact on the communities of the countries in which Lyreco operates and support education through its Lyreco For Education (LFE) program


People - Meeting

Lyreco commits to Progress

As part of its commitment to Progress, Lyreco undertakes, by 2026, to:

  • Actively listen to its customers and suppliers to further strengthen its sustainability journey
  • Take action to set an ethical framework in all its activities
  • Nudge its employees and partners to adopt sustainable practices

A great step ahead

The launch of the new Sustainability Strategy marks another important step for Lyreco in its ambition to provide its customers a wider responsible offering, more information about the impact of their purchases, and more opportunities to get involved in developing responsible practices in the marketplace.

Grégory Liénard Lyreco CEO

Everyone at Lyreco is committed to sustainability. It drives our actions every single day. From launching a digital marketplace where only sustainable products are available, to committing to reduce our CO2 emissions in our operations, to working with our suppliers to continuously improve the products and packaging, and delivering to our customers by bicycle, we are focused on doing business more responsibly.

Grégory Liénard
Lyreco CEO

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