A person on a path in the forest

Lyreco endorses the New York Declaration on Forests


On September 2019, in the framework of the 2019 United Nations Climate Summit, Lyreco Group strengthened its commitment to fight against deforestation and Climate change by signing the New York Declaration on Forests.


The New York Declaration on Forests is a partnership of governments, multinational companies, indigenous peoples and NGOs who strive to halve deforestation by 2020 and to end it by 2030.

Through this signature, we join the efforts of the more than 150 endorsers of the Declaration engaged in tangible actions to reduce CO2 emissions through the fight against deforestation. 

As a workplace specialist distributor, Lyreco has long had a strong environmental commitment to reduce its environmental footprint and support its customers in this way:

  • By developing an environmentally preferable paper offer in close cooperation with its suppliers,
  • By improving its environmental impact assessment process: e.g. adoption of the EU Product Environmental Footprint assessment methodology in addition to trusted international certifications such as FSC, EU Ecolabel
  • By engaging with suppliers to develop innovation projects in line with the Circular Economy principles