Ecovadis Image 2023

Lyreco is awarded Ecovadis Gold Medal in 2023

Ecovadis, one of the world's top business sustainability rating providers, has evaluated Lyreco's sustainability management practices in 2023, and we are proud to announce that we achieved a Gold Medal with a score of 72 out of 100, placing us in the category of an “Advanced” level of management. This accomplishment reflects our dedication to handling the most relevant issues in our industry (goods wholesaling), according to the materiality assessment (determination of significant economic, environmental, and social topics that substantially influence an organization's stakeholders' assessments and decisions regarding sustainability performance).

Across the globe, Ecovadis stands as one of the leading providers of business sustainability ratings, with over 100,000 companies undergoing their rigorous assessment. As a pioneer in sustainability, Lyreco has actively participated in this voluntary assessment, consistently maintaining a position in the top 4% of the industry for several years. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to embrace these assessments as an opportunity to continually improve and contribute positively to the world.

The participation in the Ecovadis assessment is part of our sustainability strategy, under the Progress Pillar. We will keep improving and sharing with you the results of these evaluations. For more information regarding our sustainability strategy, visit our website here.

If you are wondering about the score requirements and eligibility criteria for the medals, you can find out more information on the Ecovadis website.

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