From collection to remanufacturing

Lyreco offers recycling services in all relevant markets. More than 10 product categories are covered: Laser and Ink Jet Cartridges, Batteries, Light Bulbs, Electrics & Electronics, Paper, Cardboard, Cups, Plastics bottles, Aluminium Cans & Coffee Capsules.

With the growing importance of the Circular Economy and more and more companies committing towards a Zero-Waste working environment, this trend has a bright future.

bruon collection of used items

We cannot continue to have a product lifecycle that involves using things once.

Bruno Pluchart
Group Category Manager




Lyreco has developed a high quality, environmentally friendly range of remanufactured cartridges that applies the circular economy principles to printing. 


empty printer cartridges collected in 2019

article cartridges collector

Our customers strive for sustainable printing practices. Cartridges play a key role in this field. Combining sustainability with a quality product and collection services of used consumables such as paper and cartridges is a winning combination.

Lyreco develops environmentally friendly products in partnership with manufacturing suppliers who use the Circular Economy principles as a lever to tackle this challenge.

Lyreco toner cartridges are recycled to produce new cartridges. They are collected, reshaped, cleaned, have parts replaced and are refilled with toner... so they can be used again. This means that fewer raw materials are used.

Circular Economy is truly the future: it is about making sure that we can give Lyreco products a second or a third life. Beyond the products, it is also about how to deliver it and develop services around it, such as the collection of used cartridges. Lyreco sees this as a key element of its company vision: offering products and services with the most environmentally sound methods.